Veritas Citadel

 Our Free Company estate; located in The Goblet 4th Ward 42nd Plot is the home to Veritas, the Free Company of Truth. 

Once the Expac releases, we will be moving to the new residential area.

​Coming soon

Coming soon

​​​Founding Partners

  1. Felis Kurikara
    Felis Kurikara
    Locum Tenens
  2. Vassago Xii
    Vassago Xii
    Free Company Leader as of February 2017 My goal is to create a cohesive, family-like Free Company that can be a "home" for all who wish to join us. I play for the community and love to help others.
  3. Gideon Lightbringer
    Gideon Lightbringer
    Locum Tenens