Services to Our Community

Recruiting​ - Actively recruiting new members daily

Company Buffs - Tailored company buffs to assist our fellow members reach their goals

Company Airships - Reconnaissance missions conducted for discovery and collecting rare materials
- Diadem voyages performed for the chance to earn a rare mount, minion, and gear 

Crafting - Crafting any items, whether new or old, for the betterment of the Free Company

Gathering - Gathering any items, whether new or old, for the betterment of the Free Company

Events - Free Company events coordinated, advertised and conducted; chances to win prizes and gil

Battle Services

Dungeons - These instances will test your ability to clear through groups of enemies and take down multiple bosses

Guildhests - These exercises will test your ability to manage multiple parties of enemies

Trials - These trials will put your skills to the test against the Primals and other extraordinary bosses

Raids - These incursions will incorporate a co-op setting of 3x8 person alliances to overcome difficult mechanics and ultimately, slaying a series of bosses

Player vs Player - These fights will pit you against your neighbors, your friends, or strangers across the aether in a fight to the death to achieve greatness for your Grand Company

Roulettes - These random selections of assorted battle scenarios will grant you great rewards and experience to enhance your wears and increase your efficiency in battle